What Should You Think When One of Your Favourite Entertainers Pees on Her Fans

Chai Steeves
3 min readNov 16, 2021

Sophia Urista is blowing up Twitter with her public urination on a fan at her most recent performance… and I’m not sure why everyone should be so upset.

Photo by Noralí Nayla on Unsplash

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Sophia Urista. She’s a minor celebrity that fronts an innovative heavy metal/brass band, and is engaged to slightly more famous celebrity spin instructor and Instagram influencer Jess King. They have about 100k and 400k followers respectively — so not huge but ‘known’.

I’ve had a huge crush on Jess King since I started spinning with Peleton about a year ago — she’s energetic and entertaining and brings a sexy vibe to her classes. As a result of my fascinating, I follow her on Instagram, and watch the cute YouTube cooking show she and Sophia do. They come across as a cute, lively, very in love couple who like to indulge in EDM and the rave scene in their free time. I think they are, in fact, mostly like that in real life.

But over 1 million view later, everyone now knows Sophia Urista as the woman who invited a man to lay on stage at her concert, pulled down her pants, and peed all over his face. There is video. It is a full golden shower, raining an almost impossible amount of urine all over his face and torso.

As she let him have it, the band continued to play, the crowd continued to cheer and the guy on stage whooped it up and the special attention he was getting from the band’s gorgeous lead singer.

In the cold light of the next day, everyone seems mortified. The band apologized, saying Sophia got carried away and promising she would not do it again. Police are apparently ‘investigating’ the incident. Neither Sophia nor her more famous girlfriend Jess King have commented, but you can imagine the folks at very mainstream Peleton are reeling at the news.

I feel sorry for both Jess and Sophia — and not just because I kind of love them.

What Sophia did was certainly edgy. And it was probably inappropriate. But let’s keep it in perspective. She’s the lead singer in a heavy metal band. Rock stars have been peeing in inappropriate places since forever — the Rolling Stones were once fined 5 pounds each for peeing all over a convenience store.



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