Be The Aging Sexual Superstar You Know You Are

Chai Steeves
2 min readMay 2

How 50 really is the new 30

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An old friend had emailed a group of us the other day, asking about our workout regimes and — more specifically — how much we were bench pressing these days. He shared that he was lifting about 200 pounds and had set his goal to get to 225. So we all shared a bit about our workout regimes, including that each of our bench presses was in the range — of 200–225 pounds. I’ll admit to being very impressed — I worked out with all of these guys in university, and that was their max way back then, in the 20s.

I had not considered that before comparing what we could do at 25 with what we can do now — but I will admit to being impressed. We all seem pretty much as fit and strong now as we were at 25. That’s awesome.

Building off of that, I took things to where I usually do — sex. I immediately asked them each how their sex drives and sex lives compared to their 20s.

The answers here were a little more mixed. On their sex lives, I would say all (except me, Thank God). It’s not so much a function of desire — I’ll get to that — but stagnation. Three guys, who’ve been married for a long time, report a pretty banal and tedious sex life. They claim their wives aren’t that interested, and they’re not willing to make an effort. On the other hand, the one in a relatively new relationship — his sex life is excellent.

As to their desire for sex? While it may not be exactly where it was at 20, they all claim it’s pretty close. They say they think about sex a lot, and — despite seeming to have less desire for their spouses than I feel they should — they masturbate pretty much constantly and are absolute porn hub aficionados. So, while their drives may not be exactly that of a 20-year-old, I would say it’s pretty close.

My favorite fitness guru — Tony Horton — says, ‘aging is for idiots.’ I, for one, could not agree more.

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