The Butt Plug Loyalty Program

Chai Steeves
2 min readApr 30, 2023

What will ten stamps get you?

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One of my favorite rituals after a long, sexy night with our close friends is our ‘morning review of the night’, wherein we lay in bed and look at any of the notes we made the night before.

‘Notes from the night’? Yup — in between sex, we love to chat and come up with crazy ideas for what we want to do together or crazy ideas that seem brilliant at the time. We’ve come up with business ideas, baby names, trips, and celebrity pairings we’d like to see.

The one thing common to these chats and ideas is that they always result in word, cryptic notes that we all work hard to decipher the next morning.

The latest one I particularly liked was the idea of a ‘butt plug loyalty program.’

We were fooling around later in the night, and I, as I am wont to do these days, got out a butt plug and slid it into her delicate little heinie. It’s almost become a running joke between the two of us — when we get deeply into a long evening, by the end, I can never stay away from her ass. And, sometimes, it’s the realization that I have this fixation that kind of takes us from the moment and into another of our long, prosecco-fueled chats.

In this case, she looked up at me, the newly placed butt plug in my ass, and said, ‘I think I should get a punch card, and you need to give me a present for every five times you play with my ass.’

I said, yeah, it’s like the ‘ass club.’ She immediately said — I want to be in the ‘butt plug loyalty program,’ — coined it.

It would be a very exclusive club, but the rewards would be generous.



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