Sam Cooke Knew How to Live…

Chai Steeves
2 min readMar 30, 2021

But did he know he knew how to live

This was a quote from a book that stuck with me. I didn’t know much about Sam Cooke, aside from him being the king of soul and leading a short, tumultuous life filled with women, beautiful music, partying and violence.

So the quote’s meaning -does someone who lives a sensational or wonderful or crazy life — do they know the uniqueness of the life they are living? Or is it just — for them — their boring old life.

I’ve thought about this during the pandemic. We’ve had a lot of time to think back to all the things we did pre-pandemic. We traveled extensively. And, when home, we were out of the house 5 nights a week — at the gym, to restaurants or bars with family or friends. And, since the pandemic, we’ve spent a lot of time, as we sat at home trying not to overdo it on Netflix, missing those things we used to do.

But… at the same time… our covid life has not been too bad. My whole family — immediate and extended — has stayed healthy. We’ve bubbled with two other amazing families and do regular little dinner parties and wine tastings. When the lock downs let up, we get out to our favourite bar and restaurant pretty regularly. And, every few weeks, we even indulge in a night in a local hotel.. just for a change in scenery.

So, my point, maybe life if not too bad. Maybe we are even living a pretty great life. We sometimes juts don’t know it.

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