I Don’t Think I Asked For That Finger Up My Ass

Chai Steeves
3 min readApr 29

But consent aside, I kind of liked it.

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To say it was a surprise would be an understatement. Yes, I was at a sex party, but my wife and I were in a quiet corner doing our own thing when the ‘incident’ occurred.

Let me paint the picture. My wife and I had been invited to a friend’s birthday party. It was not someone we knew all that well, but we knew they were in the lifestyle, and we also knew that the sexual lifestyle was something we wanted to explore. So when they said they were hosting a birthday party with 15–20 of their good friends at a lifestyle club, it seemed like a great opportunity to dip our toes into this intriguing and salacious world.

The venue was a gorgeous swingers club that had, many years past, actually been a catholic church. The club had, in fact retained some of the old religious artifacts, like the confessionals, and built them into the sexy atmosphere they were creating.

So, anyway, we show up at the party and start having a great time. There was a good crowd, including the hosts and their 20 friends, and lots of sexy outfits and dancing and such. So, fun time.

About two hours into the party, all of the invitees to our friends’ party were ushered into one of the large playrooms they had reserved. It was here that the ‘main event’ started. We were a little surprised at how quickly it turned into a full-on orgy, but we’re big kids — we knew what we wanted to do and were uncomfortable with it.

For a little while, we ‘socialized’ with a few other guests, making out and stripping clothes off one another. It was awesome. At the same time, we and those there knew we were a soft-swap couple and would not be having sex with others. This was all fine, and there were other couples there who came on similar terms.

As the play progressed, we loved the sights and sounds, loving life as exhibitionists and voyeurs to what was an A-plus orgy. We found a little corner of the room with a red velvet bench and were having sex amidst the sexy vibe unwinding all around us.

And then, as I was fu&*ing my wife from behind, giving her a view of all the wonderful debauchery, I felt a caress on my ass. I didn’t think much of it, probably not even registering that it…

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