I Didn’t Know Penis’ Were So Small

Chai Steeves
2 min readJan 26

UK data looking at average penis size kind of surprised me.

Photo by christian buehner on Unsplash

I now understand why, historically, the Brits have felt the need to build empires, maintain powerful militaries, and be in a constant state of war. They’re compensating for their tiny little willes.

New data from the UK shows that the average size of a fully erect penis for their local gents is 5.17 inches in length and 4.59 inches in circumference. I’ve never considered myself porn-star endowed, but that seems pretty wee.

As a pretty sexually open-minded and active guy, I’ve had more than my share of discussions about the degree to which ‘size matters.’ The short answer — it does. Size does matter, no matter what the trope-ladden American sitcoms tell us.

What I hear pretty regularly: being too big is not great. While having a massive cock every once in a while can be a bit of a thrill and presents an exciting challenge, it’s not really a great thing in the long run. For your average female orifice, a big ten incher is more than they want on a regular basis. In fact, I find that most women find the idea of a huge cock to be pretty scary and quite distasteful. Not to say there are no size queens out there, but for the most part, huge is not what they are after.

Conversely, and I’m sorry, Brits, too small is a bit of a letdown too. Most of the women I speak with like a penis that is big enough to fill them up, wide enough to stretch them a little bit, and long enough to get near the back of the vagina and explore the various edges of her G-spot. It’s hard for a little guy to really provide this.

From what I hear- and better-informed perspectives are certainly welcome — six to seven inches long and about 5 inches around is about the perfect ‘bone me every day and leave me happy but not hurting’ size.

So I’m sorry average British gentleman. You may have impeccable manners and an alluring accent and make a mean fish and chips, but when it comes to the bedroom, step aside and let the big boys do their work.

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