Here’s To Boozy Summer Afternoon’s on a Patio With Sexy Friends

Chai Steeves
1 min readMay 15
Photo by Ardi Evans on Unsplash

Let me try to describe my perfect day. It’s a Saturday in early summer or late spring. It’s one of the first truly hot days of the year — like, a day that you couldn’t dream of wearing long pants, and you sweat just a tiny bit as soon as you walk outside.

You start your morning with a coffee outside but quickly move on to something more responsible. Maybe it’s gardening; maybe it’s lawncare, or perhaps some little repairs of winter damage around the yard. For us, yesterday, it was all of those things.

But then the reward. By 2:30, you’ve worked pretty hard, got a lot done for a Saturday, and deserve a reward. Fortunately, your friends have been having the exact same hyper-responsible morning and are keen to meet at a local pato for afternoon drinks.

We then spend a luxurious three hours catching the last sun and warmth of the day, drinking prosecco, laughing, and feeling 100% chill.

Isn’t this what we all should aspire towards — balancing hard work and contribution with good friends and indulgence? Perfect Saturday.

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