Does It Turn You On When Your Wife Sexually Provokes Other Men?

Chai Steeves
3 min readMay 5

Even if you don’t want your wife to f&ck another guy, you may like seeing her turn another guy on

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I was chatting online the other night with a friend. He’s a guy I know pretty well, and I have met his wife a few times — she’s attractive. As we were chatting, out of nowhere, he sent me a picture of her in a bikini. It was a tiny, sexy bikini, and he simply said, ‘What do you think?’

I was a little surprised, but I played along. I said, yeah, she looks really sexy. So the next photo he sent was her in lingerie and then another one of her with her boobs out, flashing for the camera. He then said, ‘What if you saw her across the room in a restaurant and she flashed her tits or her panties for you… would you like that?

I was a little conflicted at this point. I could tell he was getting turned on by this discussion. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. It felt a little weird to me knowing this friend was getting aroused and possibly even touching himself as we chatted. I really didn’t know how I felt about it. And, as for me, while I found the topic and the photos pretty sexy, I was not really ‘getting turned on.’ I couldn’t — not with the knowledge that it was another guy I was chatting with.

But I did allow it to go on for a bit before I pivoted. I said something like, ‘Would you let her spread her legs for me so I could see if she was wearing panties or not?’ And, ‘what if she flashed her pussy and everyone else in the restaurant saw her naked little pussy too?’ He loved that, clearly totally getting off on the idea of his near-naked wife turning on all those strangers in a restaurant. So he rewarded me with a pretty explicit photo of that very pussy — as bare as it would have been for all the restaurant patrons.

I had to admit — it was pretty hot — the idea of her showing off her body in public like that. I was getting turned on despite myself, so pivoting the discussion seemed a good point.

I got a little more serious. I asked him what he liked about the fantasy of his wife showing off her body in public. He had a good answer — he likes the idea of her being sexual and initiating sexually on her own. He also liked the idea of other guys finding his wife hot but knowing that she was his…

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