Are We In The Golden Age of Bikinis

Chai Steeves
2 min readApr 1, 2023

The levels of exposed ass are jaw-dropping — in a good way

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As we packed for our little getaway to the sun, my wife was sifting through her collection of bikinis, trying to decide which she would bring along. We came to realize that over the past few years, she had accumulated a massive array of teeny, tiny bikinis that were questionably appropriate for the little resort we were staying at.

Most of her bikinis were either a thong or little more than a thong, and she was a bit worried they may be seen as too revealing or inappropriate by the less liberally-minded beach-goers.

At the end of the day, she decided to pack a mix of beachwear, but all of it was far more revealing than anything she would have worn a decade ago. So she packed a few G-string bikinis and a couple of rouched-back bikinis covering more of the rear-end areas. Her/our mantra is that we like to be sexy and sexual, but that this is our choice, and we never want to expose others to things they don’t want to be exposed to — so while we like the look of tiny swimwear, we sincerely don’t want to make others uncomfortable.

So despite our choice and the assurance of good friends that it would not be poorly received, she was still a little nervous.

We needn’t have been worried. We arrived yesterday in Jamaica and settled into the tiny little resort we’d chosen on the massive, gorgeous seven-mile beach. The first thing we saw as we wandered to the beach — two women proudly displaying their beautiful asses in the tiniest g-string bikinis you could imagine. They weren’t fashion models or teens, just middle-aged women in moderate physical shape, totally owning their bodies and unafraid to show them off a bit.

Over the next few days, we saw every type of bathing suit you could imagine, from the complete cover-up to the barely there. It was really nice to see how confidently everyone seemed to be in their chosen attire and how non — judgemental — at least to my eyes — others seemed to be of their swimsuit choice.

I’ve often worried that, as a society, we have an inability to normalize sexual behavior — especially in North America. So it was really refreshing for me to see how comfortable and ‘normal’ it seemed for everyone comfortable in showing (and being shown) their chosen level of nudity. And yeah, it was hot as hell.



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