A Tuesday Night at the Strip Club

Chai Steeves
3 min readAug 16, 2023

I really need to be reexamining my life — and fortunately there was a stripper who was happy to help out.

Photo by Timur Garifov on Unsplash

When I agreed to meet a friend for after-work drinks last Tuesday, this was not where I was expecting the evening to go. We usually go to pretty nice places, and this was no exception — a wine bar downtown with a sexy, tattooed waitress who is a million years younger than us but who likes to flirt.

It was a nice reunion -until it tipped. This friend is a super-intelligent guy with eclectic interests, so conversations with him are interesting and wide-ranging — politics, literature, business… the whole range.

But, inevitably, he almost always pivots to whether women find him attractive. He was not a popular kid-super dorky, an immigrant, and had very few friends. Some people found him interesting because he was intelligent, quirky, and kind — but no one saw him as attractive.

Fast forward 30 years; it’s a whole different story. He’s highly successful at work, handsome, and has learned to turn his quirky personality into one that is charming and appealing to many.

But he’s also now married. So while he relishes in the fact that women now show interest in him, he is faithful to his wife and doesn’t want to reciprocate that affection. Moreover — and this is the weirdest part — he’s…



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