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I grew up with a lot of independence. I was from a reasonably small — and very safe — city and had permissive parents. It was that stereotypical 80s youth. We left the house in the morning, occasionally came home for meals, but would often not see my parents again until dark. As I got older — 16 or 17 — I would often be at a friend’s house until 1 or 2 in the morning. As long as we got our homework done and stayed reasonably sober, our parents gave us a pretty free reign.

My wife and I…

After trying a few different cock rings, I’ve come to the conclusion they just may not be for me.

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I got my first cock ring about 10 years ago. It was a cheap jelly plastic one that came free when we ordered something online for my wife. It was my first ever sex toy and we were pretty excited about it.

Neither of us had used a cock ring before so we weren’t 100% sure how to go about it. But after a little internet research we sorted it all out. As we started to fool around that night and I got hard, we slipped it on. We pretty much went about our ‘normal sexual business’, but with the…

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My daughter is taking a health and nutrition course this summer, as part of her high school curriculum. What a great course. We’re all learning a ton about how to eat better, the role if nutritional supplements, and other lifestyle tips that can keep us healthier.

One of the assignments was to keep and online food journal for a week to see how you are eating. We used MyFitnessPal, which provides a very comprehensive and relatively easy to use food and exercise journaling program. …

While Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are jetting around in (near) space in their phallic rocket ships, Oprah is down on Earth saving our minds.

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If you want something important done, ask a woman to do it. The pandemic shed a light on America’s mental health crisis — so many of us experienced it first hand, or through the day-to-day experiences of a loved one. But as these mental health issues were raised, we struggled to know what to do about it. Mental health isssues are omni-present but often invisible. We need champions to pull mental illness out of ther…

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We probably all have someone like this in our lives. They’re very accomplished, they travel a lot, and they’re legitimately really interesting. But they never shut up. One story bleeds into the next. Any comment you make is quickly brushed aside so they can get on with their story. And in the very rare instance where you do get to start to say something, you’re cut off immediately.

I’m not sure why, but I seem to attract quite a few people like that into my lives. The funny thing is, even though it is undeniably an annoying habit they have…

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Honestly, is there any sexier feeling than sitting out in the hot sun with sweat, sand and sunscreen all mixing on your body? Your glass of Prosecco is so cold that beads of condensation are rolling off, dripping down onto your torso as you take a sip. You’re surrounded by near naked people. How can you not want sex in this scenario?

Feeling beach-sexy is easy. Having sex on a beach — that can be a little harder unless you are willing to get a little creative or do a little work for it.

We spent the weekend at the…

My small survey of some pretty awesome ‘sex in public first timers’

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Pick up any decent book or article discussing ways to spice up your sex life — having sex in a public place, or in a place where you risk being caught, is always high on the list. It’s not something I’m particularly experienced with, despite the seemingly universal appeal, so I decided to ask a few friends whether they had tried it and what it was that appealed to them. But also, whether they had any misgivings.

Example one — the quickie in the restaurant bathroom. This seemed a common one, coming up three times in the smallish sample of…

Sexy and family vacation are not normally notions that go well together. Let’s fix that.

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Four of you crammed in a small hotel room, bickering on long car rides, dinners at Papa John’s Pizza — how hot is that?

As we prepare for summer vacation season, as parents we are all faced with the age old question — how are we going to have sex with our kids underfoot 24/7? …

It’s not a dungeon or even the 50 Shades of Grey Red Room, and it’s way more common than you think

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Does anyone remember that old dish soap commercial, ‘Calgon, take me away’. A stressed housewife was whisked away to natural paradise as soon as she dipped her hands in the warm Calgon-infused dishwater. It was ridiculous and sexist, but it made a good point. We all want to get away from it all sometimes.

Might I suggest — not doing the dishes, but your very own sex room.

When I say sex room, I suspect that something like Christien Grey’s Red Room pops to mind. A luxurious dungeon filled with restraints, a St Andrew’s cross, and whips and floggers of…

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It’s an old saying — you can’t pick your family but you can pick your friends. Unfortunately for parents, you can’t pick you child’s friends.

There are few things more painful for a parent than seeing their kids choosing to hang out with people who do not make them happy and are not good for them. …

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